Your bathroom looks stunning. However, how would you feel if you could make it look even better? Here at Dixie Shower Doors, we offer the perfect addition to give your bathroom the final touch. We are talking about glass shower doors. Whether you are entirely undergoing a bathroom renovation, or you simply just want a small upgrade, we have exactly what you are looking for, Volusia County.


Make Your Space A Spa

Think about it. Your bathroom is a room that you visit multiple times a day. It’s typically the first room of your house you enter when waking up and the last room you leave before you go to sleep. You shower in it, you bathe in it, you get ready in it, you wake up in it… you see where we are going with this.


Now, what about your shower? The shower has, at last, stepped up next to the tub to become a focal point in the bathroom. However, there is more to a fabulous shower experience than a multi-spray shower head and pretty tiled walls. You will also want to consider the shower door, which sets the tone for the shower’s overall appearance and harmony with your bath’s décor. We can help you there.


Glass Shower Doors for a Bathroom Renovation

Where does your shower currently stand? Is it directly beside the bathtub? Is it across the room? Perhaps you only need a shower in a space with limited square footage, so you want to put it in the corner. Wherever the shower ends up, your design will require one of the following door mounting options:

  • Framed
  • Semi-framed
  • Frameless
  • Freestanding

Whatever style you choose is essential. This will essentially be the focal point of your bathroom. Make sure you take your personal taste into account. Keep in mind that not all bathrooms are made alike. Because of this, you need to understand the dimensions, the height of the ceiling, and where the plumbing lines are. This is when assistance from a contractor is handy.


What are the different types of glass shower doors that are available? Well, here are some of them:

  • Sliding: two panels fit in a frame and slide in either direction to open and close
  • Swing or pivot: a single pane attached to a wall swings open from the left or right
  • Door and panel: one narrow panel is fixed to the wall while next to it, a panel is fixed with hinges to the other wall and operates as the door
  • Butterfly or bi-fold: two equal-size panels are hinged at the center to open inward
  • Fixed: a single pane of glass attached to the wall holding the showerhead protects the bathroom from splashes; the rest of the shower opening remains uncovered


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