Shower door glass treatment

Get a Crystal-Clear Shower Door that Stays Cleaner Longer

Upgrade your shower with a protective glass treatment that will keep it looking brand-new for longer. Don't stress about streaks, scratches, or frequent cleanings, so you can love your bathroom's look and function.

How it works

Water slides right off

Just like a non-stick pan, our shower door glass treatment service creates a protective layer on your shower door. When water hits this layer, it bunches up and slides right off, leaving a cleaner, better-looking shower.


Diagram showing water bunching on one side of a shower door
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Prevents stains, corrosion, and etching

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Eco-friendly; eliminates chemical cleaners

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Cuts cleaning time up to 90%

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Limited lifetime warranty

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No aftercare products required

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Helps prevent the buildup of limescale

Our shower doors

Works with every type of glass shower

Our glass treatment can transform any shower type. Choose from our wide variety of shower enclosure options.

Frameless Enclosure

Get a sleek, modern look with a frameless shower enclosure.

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Sliding Doors

Save room in your shower with a sliding glass door entrance.

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Swinging Doors

Browse our wide variety of swinging shower doors.

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Cut cleaning time up to 90%

Spend less time cleaning your shower door with our glass treatment service. The technology improves your shower door's ability to get and stay clean, so you can clean less frequently and clean easier when you need to.

Long-lasting protection

Protects your shower from scratches

The waterproof layer is also a protective one, keeping your shower door looking brand new for years to come.

This strong seal makes your shower door easier-to-clean, more durable, and better looking.

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