Dixie Shower Doors near Volusia County has some advice on the best way to clean glass shower doors in your home. It is safe to say that glass shower doors get dirty and can be a pain to clean, however with these few tips in mind you will always have a way to get those tough spots clean. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for more cleaning advice or if you don’t understand something.


Dixie Shower Doors advice on the best way to clean glass shower doors

All cleaning tips are user friendly and make your shower look spotless! Keeping your glass shower doors clean might seem impossible due to smudges and water spots. But when a glass shower door is truly clean it is a beautiful sight. The way your shower door looks can affect the whole vibe of your bathroom, so keeping it clean is super important. Use these tips to keep your glass shower doors clean!


Glass Treatment System:

This eliminates harsh chemicals, reduces your worry, and lets you enjoy your glass shower door for years to come. The treatment has a 3-10 year life expectancy.


Try to keep the glass dry:

Wipe it off after each shower. Water spots cause the most trouble when it comes to keeping a shower door clean. The water has minerals in it that dry on your shower door that make it harder to clean. If you wipe it off instead of having it dry, you will avoid these things from happening.


Commercial Cleaners:

Windex is one of the most common cleaners that people use on their shower door. Spray down the shower, and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. This will help remove the smudges and streaks from your shower door.


Vinegar or Bleach:

Using household items is the best way to clean glass shower doors. Vinegar and water is a mixture that does wonders for shower doors. These mixtures will kill germs, prevent mold or mildew from forming. This is an inexpensive way to keep your shower door clean.


Ventilation is Key

After you shower, be sure to ventilate your bathroom. Turn the fan on, open the door and maybe a window if you have one. This will help keep your shower door dry.


Glass shower doors near Volusia County, FL

If you are having trouble keeping your shower doors clean, remember you are not alone. Try these tips for keeping your shower doors clean and let us know if you need any other advice. We can help you figure out any situation and make sure you are happy with your shower door status. Finding the best way to clean your shower doors is crucial and making sure you keep them that way will be better in the long run. Keep in mind that when guests come over you will have one of the best looking shower doors and bathrooms ever!  


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