Glass shower enclosures are the all the rage right now especially when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. However, most people don’t think about the downside of these glass showers. Think about it; glass is the easiest material to get dirty. The minute you touch a window or any type of glass fingerprints are left behind regardless of whether or not your hands were clean. Glass showers are no different. It is time to start thinking about how to get and keep clean glass shower doors, so they don’t drive you insane every time you walk into your bathroom. The best way to clean shower doors may seem like common knowledge, but you’d be surprised at how many people struggle with this task. If you live near Volusia County Dixie Shower Doors is your one stop to buy bathroom products and get advice on how to properly clean them.


The Best Way to Get Perfectly Clean Glass Shower Doors

Cleaning glass shower doors isn’t an easy task because every time you clean them, there is a chance they are going to get dirty immediately after. This is why using proper techniques and products are essential to making sure that when you finish cleaning your shower doors stay that way, and you don’t need to clean again right away. Not using the right cleaning methods can lead your shower to etching, clouding, or even permanent damage to the doors themselves. In order to prevent these things from happening make sure you follow the tips below.


Using a squeegee is a great way to remove soap scum and other things from your shower door. This is the simplest cleaning tool available for your shower doors. It provides a quick way to remove water stains, buildup, and mildew without having to really scrub the surface. It is a great way to help prevent and work against etching.


Although squeegees are a great cleaning tool, many people prefer microfiber cloths to clean their showers. These cloths are perfect for any buildup that is beginning to form on the door. They are also better than squeegees at reaching tough areas of the door, like in the actual door jam and track. The only negative aspect of microfiber cloths is you need to be sure to wring them out tightly after every use, and you hang them to dry after. Also, they should be washed at least once a week to avoid mildew and mold.


No matter how hard you try to avoid scum and other buildup from occurring in your shower and on your glass door, it is going to happen. This is why it is essential to do a thorough and deep cleaning every couple of months at least. Using tools like magic erasers or even repurposed dryer sheets can help scrub away any buildup that has survived your daily cleanings.


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