When installing a new shower, an important component is deciding on the style and type of shower door you want for your bathroom. There are many types of shower doors, such as framed, frameless, and semi-framed. One popular option is the frameless glass shower door. While there are pros and cons to each type of shower door, the frameless shower door sits at the top of the pyramid when it comes to a door for your shower. Frameless shower enclosures that Dixie Shower Doors provides utilize heavy ⅜ inch or ½ inch glass to create sturdy units s that you don’t need heavy metal support in the form of channel or header systems. However, you can install metal header support atop the units if you want to, though even with a metal header these systems are still considered “frameless” since there is no metal between the panels or doors to support them. The discreet metal channel at the base of the glass will keep the glass in place and moveable. Dixie Shower Doors near Orlando provides quality shower enclosures for your bathroom. Call us today for a quote or consultation!


Frameless Shower Doors are Versatile and Attractive


One of the best parts about installing frameless shower enclosures is that they are much more easily customized. When you order a frameless sliding doer from Dixie Shower Doors, we can customize it to fit your bathroom preferences and needs. Since the majority of frameless models are custom glass shower doors, you are not limited to mass-produced shower doors at a standard size. This increases the flexibility of your shower installation, as the ability to customize is a major factor in choosing a shower door. When it comes to frameless shower doors, the essential component is in measuring and installing it. Because most frameless doors are not square, it often needs to be customized and measured. We at Dixie Shower Doors can help you figure out the dimensions of your shower enclosure and help you install it.


Why You Should Install a Frameless Shower Door


Not only are frameless shower doors easier to customize, but they are more aesthetically pleasing. This is why many people choose a frameless enclosure for their bathroom. Frames shower doors tend to appear bulky since the edges are wrapped in rubber, metal, or some other form of a seal. These problems of unattractive additions don’t apply to frameless shower enclosures, which gives your shower a clean, modern look and feel. Frameless enclosures are minimalist pure glass, without the heavy frame or gasketing that comes with semi-frameless or fully framed enclosures. This is especially pleasing with beautiful, intricate shower tile designs, as a minimalist shower door can help show it off.


Another major pro of frameless shower doors is that they minimize mold risks. Because there are no seals, there are less places water can collect. Mold is attracted to damp places, so this minimizes the places where mold and mildew can form. They are also easier to keep clean, since the glass doesn’t need to be scrubbed. All you need is a squeegee to wipe the glass doors and it will be squeaky clean again.


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There are many benefits to installing a frameless shower door. Dixie Shower Doors provides quality shower doors as well as installation services near Orlando. Call us today for your bathroom remodel!