Let’s be honest most people get bored with the decor and style of their home and want to find ways to spruce it up. Whether your inspiration is HGTV or magazines more and more people are looking for inspiration to update their bathroom. Over the past few years, designers have seen a variety of new trends particularly surrounding shower doors. The hot product in this category has become frameless shower doors. If you find yourself asking if you’re in need of a new design and are questioning whether or not these doors are for you, it may be helpful to seek advice from experts in the field. If you’re near Orlando Dixie Shower Doors can help you look through the products available and decided which one fits your needs and style best.


Why You Should Consider Frameless Shower Doors

Over the years these types of shower doors have been replacing older style showers including corner units, sliding doors, and other walk-in showers. The reason these products have become increasingly popular is because of their clean and sleek design. This is why designers and builders who are creating homes from the ground up are deciding to install these showers into every bathroom.


When redoing a bathroom, you spend countless hours looking at titles to make sure that you get the exact style and design you want. When you pick this shower instead of an older one with a large aluminum frame you’re allowing all that hard work and effort you put in to be on display for every visitor to see and enjoy. Also, if your bathroom features a corner shower, they seem more open and allow more light to pass through, which can make your entire bathroom feel larger.


One benefit of these enclosures is that in order to install one you don’t necessarily need a contractor to do the work. You can do this on your own by measuring the space and lining up the glass door where the path from the old one was. Now, of course, this could be easier said than done for some, but if you take your time, you can do this work in one day.


Glass shower enclosures have easily become the new easy upgrade for any bathroom. These frameless walk-in showers have other benefits as well including doors that swing both in and out which make it easier to use than older style doors. They also have features that will seal the pores of the glass and repel water to prevent water from leaking out of the shower onto the floor. Finally, frameless showers can last for decades while retaining their original look and appeal.


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