Our showers are the tiniest enclosures of our houses, but their influence is significant. Over forty years, Dixie Shower Doors have made the best doors in quality and design for homeowners and general contractors in Central Florida. For any shower enclosure, let us showcase our expertise. Since we make frameless sliding shower doors, we also install them!

Frameless shower doors keep growing in popularity, and for a good reason. It complements the bathroom design by introducing elegance and openness. Additionally, they are mold-resistant and easy to maintain. So, what is a frameless shower door? It is a door made of tempered glass featuring thick dimensions with no frames that ideally offer support.

The big question remains: how does it work? Since they feature no support, they come with clips, hinges, or door pulls. As for water leakage, the panels come with a rubber extension at the bottom for prevention.


How to install frameless shower doors

While getting a professional is the best option for shower door installation, tight budgets may push us to explore our skills in the area.

  1. Clean the area

Scrub the walls and floor thoroughly, not forgetting the corners or hard-to-reach surfaces that may accumulate dirt. While there is a standard measurement for these doors, it is advisable to ascertain that it perfectly fits into your enclosure.

  1. Install the hinges and handle on the glass pane

Once you are sure you have the right size, secure the hinges and handle on the pane. Keep in mind that if it’s too tight, you could impair or break the glass. At the same time, it shouldn’t be loose as it could fall out.

  1. Put the swing door in place

Of your two panels, one should be shorter; that’s the swinging door. It should have a water sweep system at the bottom, which may be a plastic or rubber strip. Putting the wood shims on the floor completes this step.

  1. Install the longer panel

Place the longer panel to coincide with the swinging door. As for the gap between the doors, ensure it is 1/16 inch from top to bottom. It is important to ensure that the panels are leveled.

  1. Drill the holes

Using a pencil or any other erasable marker, mark the points where you wish to fasten your hinges. Then drill holes on those marked points and position the anchors. The anchors’ heads may not be even, and that’s okay. Use a razor blade to shave them off.

  1. Tighten the hinges to the wall

Take the swinging door or shorter glass panel, and put it on the wood shims. Line both panels correctly, and don’t forget the required 1/16 inch gap. If everything looks okay, secure the hinges to the wall.

  1. Add the water sweep system

Onto the bottom of the hinged door, add the water sweep system to prevent water from leaking to the outer side.


The cost of installing a frameless shower door

This price depends on the type of glass and the size of the enclosure. Frameless glass shower doors go for about $300 to $3300, and that is without the installation. On average, hiring a professional will cost you $200 to $300, depending on factors like location.

While you may prefer to do it yourself, our team of professionals will get it done perfectly since we have the required expertise. Additionally, we have specialized tools that may be costly for you. You don’t want to come home one day to find your frameless sliding shower door turned into small pieces of glasses; make the right choice!