Believe it or not, homeowners actually have a lot to consider when looking at their glass shower enclosures. A glass shower door can hold a number of attributes for owners to contemplate when looking for new doors for their shower. Anything from glass type to the opening style can play a major factor to the cost of these doors. Dixie Shower Doors near Orlando wants you know all of your options. Take a look at these factors to consider when looking at new glass enclosures for your shower:

To Frame or Not to Frame?


Shower doors will either come framed or unframed. The glass panels can either be enclosed with aluminum or composite frame materials. This door style typically means that the door will only open inward, which is something you should decide if you want in your shower’s overall design. Framed glass shower enclosures also means that water will collect in the glass shower doors frame tracks. This will need to be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria buildup or mildew. Framed doors and tracks are easy to install anywhere you like. The framed option is equipped with a variety of different hardware for around the door, making this option very versatile.

Any glass shower door that is not framed, will be enforced with heavy glass with supported pivots. These pivots act at the base to hold down the glass doors. This is actually the more popular option among homeowners because there are more design options to choose from. It is also easier to incorporate your own custom designs this way, including the option for the doors to open inward or outward. This modern look also negates the need to clean inside framework, which makes the frameless door option easier to maintain.

Glass Shower Enclosures- Glass Types


There are a number of types of glass you can use for your shower doors as well. From clear to cast, picking out this feature is what truly brings together the overall aesthetic of your glass shower enclosure. Here are a few of your options:


1. Clear: Clear glass shower doors are the go-to option. It is generally a pleasing look, it is very easy to maintain, and it allows a full range of light in your shower.


2. Cast: A cast door is a three-dimensional glass door. This will ensure your bathroom will have a truly rare look, with this creative cast door as the focal point. It isn’t something that you see in a lot of homes, but the option to have your own unique design makes this an option worth considering.


3. Frosted: These shower doors are favored by those who want more privacy. It has a soft look that gives off an almost satin-like texture. The outside of your glass door will typically be etched with a unique pattern, while the other side will be a flat surface. The combination of these two styles is what helps to create the frosted look.

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