You probably do not think your guest bathroom needs as much attention as your master bathroom. But, think about it. There is double the traffic in these bathrooms. While only you sue your master, everyone who visits uses the guest. Plus this is your perfect chance to impress visitors. At Dixie Shower Doors, we are here to ensure that you have the best restroom, that is also complimented with glass shower doors. Located near Volusia County, we are here for you.


Smaller is Better

When you think about it, a guest restroom is typically smaller in size. Compared to a master bath, they usually are not as exquisite or exciting. However, do not let that hinder your chances for creativity. At Dixie, we offer a plethora of shower door options that are great for smaller places. They will make your glass shower doors feeling unique and different. These include sliding doors, french doors, etc.


Time For A Guest Bathroom Remodel

As previously stated, when you see about bathroom design ideas, the master bath is the focus. While your personal restroom can serve as your own personal escape, it’s not the only washroom that deserves consideration. A well-thought-out guest restroom, for example, can be both a gift to your family and friends and a source of never-ending compliments.


If you’re ready to take your guest restroom design to the next level, you are in luck. We got you covered. We have put together a list of our best tips to help inspire your redesign. With just a few small tweaks, you may just find that you have a new favorite room in the house.


Here are some quick tips that will also make your bathroom ooze with elegance:

  • Keep things looking neutral
    • We recommend that you stick to a fairly neutral look. Think about incorporating a monochromatic color scheme in your design. This color combo adds a sense of classic elegance to the space and will never go out of style.


  • Incorporate luxe extras
    • The best part of being on vacation is the little luxuries that your hotel has to offer. Even though your friends and family won’t be staying at a company-run resort, you can recreate the experience by adding some luxe accessories to your guest restroom.


  • Be sure to concentrate on your displays
    • Every bathroom needs storage. For the guest restroom, in particular, we recommend using open storage solutions. Look for shelving units, bins, or cubes that allow you to keep your linens and lotions on display. That way, your guests won’t need to root through your belongings in order to find everything they need.


  • Do not be cluttered. Leave space to spread out.
    • This tip is more about function than aesthetics, but it is one that your guests will truly appreciate. Whoever comes to visit, they’ll likely be bringing a host of toiletries of their own and they’ll need somewhere to put them. Make sure your guest restroom includes plenty of room for your visitors to spread out during their stay.


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When it comes to a guest bathroom remodel, we know exactly what you need to make it look like a place you can be proud to show those who decide to enter. While we have the perfect glass shower doors for any type of design you decide to use, there are also other ways to show your creativity. Dixie Shower Doors is a company that is here for you. We are located near Volusia County. Call or contact us today for more information.