Having a queue outside of the bathroom in your house isn’t exactly a very pleasant sight. Home is where comfort is and having to wait for your turn to use the bathroom because of inadequate number of washrooms in your house not only is an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience but also decreases the value of your house.

Therefore, beautifying the bathrooms of your house with an adequate number of bathrooms for the residents is how you can add to your home value and we at Dixie Shower Doors can provide you with that enhancement through beautifying your bathroom space.

Resalable Value increase Just by adding a bathroom in your house increases its return on investment (ROI) by an expected of 50 to 60%. Consider buying yourself a new place that is perfect in every sense of the locality, a beautiful standing house, with enough number of rooms to accommodate all your family members and then you see just one washroom for them all. Nobody wants that anymore and as the buyer’s interest decreases in the property so does its value. Furthermore. if the value of your property could increase just by adding another bathroom, imagine how much more it would increase by making the bathroom more beautiful and trendy and equipped with bedazzling glass shower door.

Your interior influences your subconscious

How you choose to decorate your interior has a major impact on your subconscious and even more so through the interiors of your bathroom. A bathroom is a place for detox, relaxation and calming your mind after a long tiring busy day. Moreover, many of us like to enjoy long warm aromatic baths or cleansing ourselves with salt water and then there are those individuals who are in need of a long beauty routine. Additionally, many of us use the bathroom space to clear our heads, think, cry and perhaps take decisions too, as it is irrefutably the most private part of one’s house.

Apparently, with all this being done in the bathroom, consider the amount of time and energy spent there and the need for a beautiful space to be able to spend that kind of time. Imagine a well done bathroom whether small or suitable sized with pretty glass shower door installed; this for sure will enhance your experience.

Type of Bathroom to Create according to Space Availability

Bathrooms can be created in either of the three ways according to the availability of the space. It can either be a ‘Three Quarter’, ‘Half-Bath’ or a ‘Full’ designed bathroom. However, the way you choose to build it depends on factors such as your taste as well as your budget. A ‘three-quarter bathroom’ comprises of a toilet, sink and a shower, while the ‘half-bath’ will have just a toilet and sink. But a ‘Full-bathroom’ will consist of a sink, toilet, shower and a bath-tub, while each one of them can be installed with a glass shower door considering your design requirement.

Recouping Costs

Keep in mind that adding a bathroom, no matter how expensive and beautiful looking, right before selling it will not be enough to recoup the costs of the addition. On an average, the owner only gets half of the investment on such an addition returned so make sure you do it well before the time of selling.

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