A brand new bathroom is just what your home needs. The easiest way to do this is updating your shower enclosure. It will make the biggest difference. At Dixie Shower Doors, we have all the materials you need to make you bathroom seem like a private getaway in paradise. You can do so with our wide selection of privacy glass and shower doors. When it comes to quality showers, Orlando can count on us!


You Should Invest in a Frameless Shower Door

Most frameless models are custom glass shower doors, which means you are not limited to mass-produced shower doors at a standard size. This adds more flexibility to your shower installation. In fact, customization is one of the important factors in purchasing a frameless shower door.


A framed shower door tends to look bulky because the edges are covered in rubber, metal or some other form of a seal. However with a frameless shower door, it does not have those eyesore additions. This gives the shower a clean, fresh look. If your room remodel includes a beautiful, intricate shower tile design, the frameless glass shower door can also help to showcase it.


A frameless shower door also minimizes the number of places water can collect and mold can grow in your shower. This is a great asset! With a framed shower door, you run the risk of water build-up underneath the door’s seals, allowing mold and mildew to form. Frameless shower doors don’t have these risky areas. They also are easier to keep clean.


Privacy Glass We Offer

The best way to compliment your frameless shower door is to add the perfect glass to reflex your personal style and theme you wish to achieve. Here is a list of our many selections:

  • Guardian Glass
    • Beman Aqui
    • Berman Esto
    • Berman Etre
    • Berman
    • Bubble
    • Niagra
    • P516
    • Spraylite
  • Walker
    • Pattern 101
    • Pattern 103
    • Pattern 108
    • Pattern 110
    • Pattern 511
    • Pattern 512
  • Pilkington
    • Artic
    • Astral
    • Autumn
    • Chantilly
    • Charcoal
    • Contora
    • Digital
    • Flemish
    • Florielle
    • Mayflower
    • Minster
    • Morisco
    • Oak
    • Pelerine
    • Rayado
    • Reeded
    • Sparkel
    • Stipolyte
    • Sycamore
    • Taffeta
    • Warwick
    • Yacare

If you wish to see what each of these beautiful glass pieces look like, feel free to visit our online gallery located on our website.


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We want to provide you with your dream bathroom. This can easily be achieved when you pair the right privacy glass with the perfect shower door. For over 44 years, Dixie Shower Doors has been a leader in providing shower essentials near Orlando. Our company held an A+ rating since 1984, and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. Our professionals are licensed and insured. Remember, your shower is your number one fan, so give it the facelift it has always wanted. Call or visit us today and get started with our free in-home estimate! We look forward to hearing from you and giving your bathroom that perfect touch it deserves. Remember, we are known for quality and competitive pricing!