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Dixie Shower Doors has been a trusted name in Central Florida since 1972. Our facility in Altamonte Springs has been the source for creating thousands of shower enclosures for general contractors, tile professionals and direct to homeowners. Our professional and personal approach has earned us an outstanding reputation in our community, as well as an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. Please browse our site and view the limitless possibilities. We are one of Orlando’s oldest and reliable sources for ALL types of shower enclosures. In addition, we professionally install what we sell. When you’re ready for a complimentary in-home estimate, please contact us by phone or our contact page. Remember, “IF YOU CAN BUILD IT, WE CAN ENCLOSE IT”.   Learn more

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    Our Enclosures

    Here at Dixie Shower Doors, we offer three unique types of enclosures when it comes to the design of your bathroom showers. Each offers some different aesthetic qualities as well as different forms of functionality depending on what you want to prioritize for your bathroom shower. Here’s some more information on these three types of enclosures:

    Framed shower enclosures feature metal frames around the edges of each sheet of glass including the door itself. No glass edge is left exposed, and the door is fastened either with a pivot or piano hinges, and the overall aesthetic of this type of enclosure has a boxy appearance. There are many materials from which the frame can be made, some of which may give the frame color through painted or polished material. Some examples include polished brass, bronze, or chrome. Steel and aluminum can also be used as materials. These showers use thicker glass and thus will require a professional installation to be installed correctly, but a framed shower is highly efficient. The frames act as a barrier, keeping water from leaking out. That said, the design elements are more limited in what you can do with them, such as requiring an outward-opening door.

    Semi-frameless enclosures are the most common form of shower enclosure to find in the typical home or apartment. As a combination of both framed and frameless enclosures, they feature glass with some framed edges but also some exposed edges. There are typically fixed panes that help to carry the leak-protection qualities of framed enclosures throughout the enclosure while the door is often frameless. This gives the shower a sleeker appearance and offers more flexibility in the design. At the same time, these are also both durable and inexpensive, which is why they’re so commonly used. A professional installation is still heavily recommended.

    Naturally, a frameless enclosure is one that has no frame at all around the sheets of glass. To give the enclosure stability, the glass used is typically quite thick—anywhere from ⅜ to ½ inches thick. These kinds of shower enclosures are seen as luxurious thanks to their sleek, modern look, though their expense isn’t that much higher than other options. They also offer a few other key benefits that make them a great candidate for your bathroom if you’re building or renovating the space. These include easier maintenance and cleaning, making your bathroom look bigger because of the flexible design options, and allows for natural light to travel into your shower space.

    Treatment Options for Your Glass Shower Doors

    One option many families are considering is treating their shower doors to keep them cleaner with less effort. A glass shower requires that users dry off the glass after use. If the water stays on the glass, it can leave watermarks and possibly attract mold, so maintenance is important. A glass treatment option will make this process easier, and users can simply brush the water off with a microfiber towel. Here at Dixie Shower Doors, we offer two glass treatment options:

    Shower Door

    Enduroshield features a long-lasting barrier for glass, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, grout, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces. It’s a simple product that is sprayed onto the surface and then polished into it. The quality that makes Enduroshield unique is that the barrier permanently bonds to the surface rather than sitting on the surface. It also minimizes the upkeep needed to keep the product bonded to your surface. The only things that can remove Enduroshield are abrasive substances like strong acids or alkalis. As a result, users save time when cleaning their bathrooms as water beads up on the coating rather than soaking in and can be easily wiped down. With a professional application, you can receive a 5-to 10-year warranty depending on the surface that it’s applied to, but we also offer a do-it-yourself application with a 3-year warranty regardless of the surface.

    Diamon-Fusion treatments allow for easier cleaning of hard surfaces that prevent water from sticking to them. Despite glass’s smooth exterior, there are actually microscopic ridges that create an ever-so-slightly uneven surface that can trap water. The same is true for other types of surfaces as well. Diamond-Fusion not only creates a protective barrier over hard surfaces but also works to fill in those microscopic ridges and creates a perfectly smooth surface. The benefit of this is that you won’t need to clean the glass as frequently. This is because water will more easily drip down, and so Diamond-Fusion can act as a form of self-cleaning. With this treatment, cleaning time can be reduced by as much as 90%, and the product also comes with a 15-year warranty for commercial applications.


    An estimate is an educated assumption of the cost for your shower installation. Before you can get your final price quote, measurements will need to be taken, so there may be differences in an early estimate and a quote.

    A shower installation won’t be the same from one company to the next. There are many factors that can affect the cost and different companies will prioritize different options. Some examples include glass thickness, door hinges, glass treatment options, and frame material (for framed or semi-frameless enclosures).

    For many, the sleek, minimalistic nature of frameless shower doors has the greatest aesthetic appeal. There’s also more flexibility in the application of your doors, so you have more opportunities to customize the style and experience you want to have with your shower.

    Before we can have a technician measure your space, all that’s needed is a completed shower floor and tilework. If you’re renovating or building your bathroom or shower, you’ll need to ensure this is done.

    It’s a good idea to set aside about 2-3 hours for measurement technicians to complete the task.

    You can typically expect your shower door to be completed between 5-7 business days, depending on the type of door.

    It’s highly recommended that shower doors and enclosures be installed by a professional. Glass doors require extremely precise measurements that are difficult to take without specialized equipment, and because the glass used in showers is tempered, you can’t recut it if the measurement is off. If you install the shower door incorrectly, you could run the risk of creating a safety hazard.

    A single shower door requires about 90 minutes to be properly installed; however, if you have a three-panel shower door, that can take a bit longer.

    It isn’t necessary to have your glass doors treated; however, opting for glass treatment can be beneficial. Glass showers need to be dried off to be kept clean and free of mold, and treatment options can make this process faster and easier.

    Warranty options are available with glass shower door installation. Typically, 3 years will be covered by your warranty if you get one.

    Reviews from Satisfied Customers

    Sometimes the best way to gauge whether or not a company is right for you is through how other people have received their services or products. If you’re looking for high-quality shower door enclosures for your bathroom, then these happy customers may convince you that we’re the right choice.

    “We love our new shower door! A frameless model with an upgrade of brushed metal hinges and a nice handle is such a grand improvement. Matt, our sales rep, made the process easy and kept us up to date along the way. When our door arrived, Luis did the installation. Very professional and courteous. Kudos to the staff at Dixie Doors. Outstanding service all around. Thank you!”

    -James Caputo

    “Dixie did a great job with the glass install of our new shower and the glass looks amazing! We did have a couple issues with our glass having to be remade a few times because of chips so the install was delayed about a week or two. Dixie said it was very unusual and helped remedy the situation by giving us a discount for the inconvenience. We really appreciated this and we’re very happy with the finished product!”

    -Victoria Castro

    “We had our master bath remodeled by a GC and decided to engage Dixie Shower Doors for our shower glass enclosure. Matt was my initial contact and has been nothing but professional throughout. The quote received was very reasonable and the final bill matched the quote so there are no hidden fees or costs! The installers came when they said they would and were very knowledgeable and efficient. The installation was what we had envisioned and is absolutely beautiful. Great experience – we’ll definitely use them on the next phase of our project.”

    -Todd Zimmerman

    “Outstanding installation of new shower glass and door by a very professional and honest company.

    We called and spoke with Matt for an initial estimate range which he gave over the phone after discussing rough shape and dimensions. Then Matt went above and beyond by providing helpful tips for our tile installers to help ensure that our glass installation would not require special expensive cuts. We were very impressed with both how helpful and honest he was.

    After the tile was installed, Matt came out to do final measurements and provide a final quote. He worked with us on all the different options and gave us a fair price.

    Two weeks later, two installers came and installed the glass for us in just a few hours. Very professional, respectful, and clean! I appreciate how thorough they were in cleaning up the area after installation was completed.

    We really appreciate the quality of service, have and will continue to recommend them to our friends and family.”

    -Sean Nelson

    Contact Us for More Information

    Contact Us for More Information

    Are you in the process of building a new shower or bathroom? Are you renovating your existing shower or bathroom? We at Dixie Shower Doors in Winter Park, FL, want to help every local homeowner with their glass shower installation. Our specialty is glass shower doors, which we have been manufacturing for over 44 years. And we’re excited to make one for you to help you express yourself Dixie style. When working with us, our experts will work to ensure the installation process is as quick and seamless as possible, all while providing for you a quality shower that will last for years to come. Do you have questions for us? Are you interested in what we can offer? Contact us today to learn more about our installation process or to get a free in-home estimate.