Are you interested in a shower door installation? The experts at Dixie Shower Doors are here to explain exactly how this process is done thoroughly. We want to make sure that you know what to expect when you decide to completely transform your bathroom with the addition of luxurious shower doors. We are located near Orlando.


You Can Count On Our Shower Doors

Our mission is to provide homeowners the smoothest experience possible for what should be a once-in-a-generation project. A high-quality custom shower installation done right the first time should be enjoyed for decades. Unfortunately, too many homeowners fall prey to the siren song of cheap installation and even cheaper products. Remember: you are not remodeling because you particularly like spending money or hanging out with contractors. You are doing it as a financial and quality-of-life investment for your home. We can save you the hassle of doing the same project multiple times.


Shower Door Installation

  • The Consultation:
    • We work closely with contractors, builders, architects, and homeowners during the initial planning. We provide suggestions and recommendations for each customized shower door. Whether the project is new construction or renovation, we can offer insights that will prevent unhappy surprises during production.
  • Our Quote
    • We can give you a free quote as you browse our displays. Once we’ve completed our field measurement, we can offer a firm quote.
  • Measurements
    • To do our best work, we require that all areas adjacent to the shower enclosure be tiled before we take a final field measurement. Once the tile work is complete, our installation technicians will perform a detailed site evaluation. We use accurate measuring tools, including laser levels and measure-fix devices, to create the final shop drawing. The final result is only as perfect as the accuracy of the measurement. It’s how we create a perfect fit for your custom shower project.
  • Our Sales Agreement
    • Once our experts have taken a precise field measurement, we’ll provide a firm price in the form of a sales agreement. This document is for our respective records and includes information on the shower enclosure, estimated lead time, pricing details, and terms of sale. We’ll specify a deposit amount, which we must receive to begin production.
  • Production
    • We will send the final shop drawing to our manufacturer and signs off on the final details to ensure accuracy. We then receive a confirmation of your order. For highly customized showers, we must also occasionally source various parts from additional vendors during the production phase.
  • The Installation Process
    • When our staff arrives at the job site, you’ll really get to see us shine. They will install your beautiful new shower door with courtesy and precision. Every detail is important. After they install the glass components, our installation experts will seal the enclosure and clean the area thoroughly.
  • Warranty
    • A high-quality, professionally-installed shower door can be a thing of beauty for many years to come. We always leave you with information about recommended maintenance procedures and Dixie Shower Doors provides warranty on all products and labor.


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If you need glass shower door installation, contact us today. We can assess the damage to your current door and recommend the best solution. You can also talk to us and discover additional tips that will extend the life of your glass shower door. Not sure which kind of glass you would like to use on your door? Call or visit Dixie Shower Doors today. We are located near Orlando.