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5 Reasons To Consider Frameless Shower Doors 

Looks Better

Most frameless shower doors are cut to size, and customized for your specific home. This means that you are not limited to standard size shower doors. This adds more flexibility to your shower door design and in the installation process. You get to decide if the doors will open in or out based on the layout and design plan of your bathroom. This is one of the best advantages because you are able to create your shower exactly how you want it. What more could you want?

Framed shower doors tend to look bulky because the edges are covered in rubber, metal or have some sort or seal. However, frameless shower doors do not have that. This leads to a clean, fresh look. Without frames getting in the way, this allows the eye to pay more attention to bathroom tiles, and other finishes, giving the bathroom more of an airy, open space look.

Minimize Mold Risks

Frameless shower doors have less space for water to collect, which leaves less room for mold to grow. This also makes the shower easier to clean because there are less corners and smalls spaces to get into. Cleaning a glass shower door is a project within itself, so having less space to worry about is a great factor when considering frameless shower doors.

Made With Thicker Glass

Due to the fact that frameless shower doors do not have a metal frame, they must be made using a thicker glass. This is a good thing because you will have a glass door will last a long time.

Well Worth The Expense

The perks of a frameless shower door outweigh the price tag. The premium piece of glass your shower door is made of and the ability to customize your shower door sounds like a win-win. It is a bigger expense initially, but will be well worth it in the long run. 


Perfect Shower Doors

There is a lot to consider when customizing a shower door. Frameless or not, it is just one of many things to consider. A shower door helps set the mood for the entire bathroom, and grabs the attention in a bathroom remodel. Let Dixie Shower Doors in Orlando FL  guide you and help you design the perfect shower doors.


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