Dealing with a sliding glass door repair is no easy task. It’s not always easy to know how to deal with your glass shower doors or the best way to unstick them when they’re stuck. That is why Dixie Shower Doors near Volusia County is offering tips and advice on how to handle this problem. However, in order to make sure you do the cleaning and repair correctly there is a little background knowledge you need and research you need to do first. Keep reading to learn more!


How To Unstick And Handle A Sliding Glass Door Repair

If your glass shower doors keep getting stuck, they may be in need of repair. But handling this job on your own can be tricky, and it’s easy to do more damage if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to take care of them properly. However, if you follow some of the advice and tips below, you’ll be able to tackle the project and get those doors unstuck. When you’re working on this, you want to make sure not to use excessive force because doing that can cause damage to the door and its frame.


You need to make sure that you follow a specific set of steps to make sure that everything is handled correctly. The first thing you should do is remove the sliding door, vacuum the tracks, use hot/soapy water to clean the track, inspect the rollers, lubricate the tracks, and finally reinstall the shower doors. Although those steps are easy to list out, there are specific things you need to do in each step to make sure they are done the right way.


When you start you want to make sure that you have someone who is around that can help you because glass doors are extremely heavy and fragile. The first thing you need to do to remove the door is to find the adjustment screw covers on the side of the door. They are always located toward the bottom. Using a screwdriver you want to adjust the rollers, so they move smoothly. Once the doors become loose stand on the inside with a helper on the outside so you can tilt the door and take it off the track. After the door has been safely removed and set aside you will have an easier time cleaning the tracks. In order to clean the track, you want to vacuum it first to remove any loose debris that may be sitting in there. After that use a toothbrush or any other small brush to scrub the track with hot soapy water. Make sure to do the same with the top and bottom of the glass door. That way the part that goes into the track is clean and can slide smoothly in the new cleaned track. Finally, make sure to dry the track and door, so there is no build up.


Depending on the type of door tracks you have you may need to use different lubricants. For vinyl, door tracks a non-stick silicone lubricant is what you need. For wood tracks, you need a hard wax like candle wax or beeswax. There is also specific track lubricant that you kind find at a hardware store in the area. The only thing you want to make sure you avoid is using grease or oil-based lubricants because those will attract more dirt. You want to apply a thin coat of lubricant to the top and bottom of the track and the door frame as well.


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