When building a new shower, or remodeling an existing one, understanding the different types of shower doors in the market today is essential. This is one of the decisions you will make during the process.

Here is a list of the different types of shower doors


Frameless Shower Door

This is simple, classic, and elegant. A frameless shower door is made entirely of glass, without any metal frame around its perimeter. It may be challenging to install, but in the end, it’s more than worth the trouble as it’s one of the most beautiful shower doors.


Sliding Shower Doors

These are also known as “bypass doors,” They work similarly to a sliding patio door. The only difference is that they have panels that slide when you enter the shower from any side you choose. The doors usually contain inside tracks on the frame in the framed system.


Swinging Doors

Swinging Doors is a shower door that features a frameless and framed design. It has sticking hinges that bring on the functionality of the shower, and with premium hardware, multiple finishing options, and flexible sizing, you can design it as you wish.


Mirror Shower doors

These shower doors are a great way of ensuring light comes into your bathroom. While they benefit from added privacy while you are showering, they work great in compact spaces like cloakrooms, thanks to their reflective surfaces.


Panel Enclosures

There are many different types of shower enclosures, and this particular one is the best. It’s made with the latest advanced technology and a top-grade raw material that ensures an unmatched quality.


Hinged Shower Door

A hinged shower door can either be in the form of a framed or frameless shower door. The hinges work just like the standard hinged doors, and they swing open when you enter your bathroom. If you are working with limited space, this is great for you.


Pivot Shower Door

These are similar to hinged shower doors as they operate with a hinge system. The only difference is that pivot shower doors can fully open in any direction you choose. The hinges on the pivot shower doors can also be mounted on either side of the panel, just like hinged doors.


Bi-Fold Shower Doors

The Bi-Fold shower doors are types of shower doors that will help you make the most of what you need. There’s a whole assortment of sliding and hinged doors that make up the bi-fold shower doors. This also includes different types of glass shower doors.


Neo-Angle Door

These shower doors use different types of shower enclosures made of glass and can be surrounded by a corner-built-in shower. They include shower walls, one on each side of the corner, and the glass is usually used to create at least five sides inclusive of the door.


Steam Door

Steam doors are part of shower door glass options that are intended to cover your bathroom from the floor to the ceiling and completely enclose the whole shower area. They are best used to seal all the edges of your shower and keep it airtight.

When using these types of shower doors, the steam usually builds up inside and turns the shower into a steam room.


Curved Shower Door

A curved shower door is part of the new types of shower doors that will make your bathroom totally stand out.

The curved doors usually curve across the front part of your shower enclosure, just as the name implies. This then creates more space inside of your bathroom. It is the most expensive bathroom option on our list and one of the most unique.