Who wants to pay for a spa every single time you feel like relaxing? Not you! You deserve to relax without having to pay those pricey fees. This is the perfect opportunity to bring the spa to you. You can completely transform your bathroom into your relaxation destination, starting with your walk in shower. Our professionals at Dixie Shower Doors near Volusia County, know exactly what to do to make your experience feel as though you are a member of the most prestigious spas. We are not only experts glass shower doors, we also know how to create the perfect private getaway within the walls you already live in.


Relax and Rejuvenate Right At Home

It may seem almost impossible for you to completely transform your boring bathroom into a private getaway, but we promise you that it is possible. This dream can become a reality by implementing a few special l=touches that you may have overlooked before.


Let us start with decluttering. The last thing you want is your bathroom to be drowning in toiletries, makeup, and hair products. If you don’t use them on a daily basis, store them away where they can’t be seen. This will aid in creating a relaxing atmosphere.


Next, create some extra storage. This goes hand in hand with getting rid of all your clutter. You can get creative with adding storage to your bathroom. Think about how a spa would organize and display toiletries. An excellent way to do this is by utilizing glass jars to store things like cotton balls or cotton swabs.


Think about your color scheme. What colors are going to set the tone of your personal spa? It helps to choose neutral colors like blue or beige. This creates a soothing and welcoming environment.


Add a touch of nature to really get that spa-like atmosphere. Incorporate house plants and flowers to the bathroom around the sink or tucked in the corner. This creates a healthy environment that adds life to the room. Indoor plants make for a lovely tranquil setting.


You can also add various candles and sets to give it that perfect ambiance. Aromatherapy adds the final touch to the spa experience because it provokes emotions, boosts relaxation, and relieves stress.


Next Is The Walk In Shower

This is the most critical factor when it comes to creating your spa in the comfort of your home. Without a shower, it would be incomplete. Think about it. Where are you most relaxed currently? Your shower. When you transform your shower into that perfect size, you not only create an escape from reality, but you also implement a feature to your bathroom that really will impress those who get the opportunity to see it.


Contact Our Glass Shower Doors Expert

You deserve the spa of your dreams in your own home. That perfect bathroom that is complemented with a walk in shower. We are here to give you just that. For over 44 years, Dixie Shower Doors has been a leader in providing shower essentials near Volusia County. Our company held an A+ rating since 1984, and we do not plan on stopping anytime soon. Our professionals are licensed and insured. We are experts on glass shower doors. Call us today and get started.