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Your Water Type May Be Ruining Your Glass Shower Doors

Oct 14, 2019

There is nothing better than the sleek look of brand new glass shower doors, the modern aesthetic it brings your bathroom is something to marvel at. But over the following weeks, you may start to notice that sleek modern look starting to fade, your shower doors are probably starting to build up a mineral film. Don’t think you’re alone, I find myself wondering if this problem affects other shower doors near me. This film is most likely caused by the hard water you are producing in your home! Don’t think this hard water problem is your fault, it might just be where you live, but there are things you can do to stop it. The amazing people at Dixie Shower Doors are here to help you and all the people of Volusia county fight back against hard water stains and keep your new shower doors looking crystal clear for the long haul!

Hard and Soft Water, What’s the Difference?


Depending on where you live, you might encounter some nasty problems with your water. The midwest and parts of the south tend to encounter problems with hard water in their systems. Hard water is caused by high amounts of dissolved minerals in your water. These minerals include calcium, magnesium, and lime. Water doesn’t start out hard though, when rainwater falls it is soft, meaning it contains less than 1 GPG (Grains Per Gallon), but as this water moves through the ground it picks up dissolved minerals, making it very hard (containing more than 10.5 GPG). 


Hard water can be tricky to manage, and water softeners may cause other problems with your water. The main issues with hard water are the film it leaves behind on your shower doors, which becomes more troublesome the longer you let the problem persist. With soft water, you encounter different issues. Soft water has a high content on sodium since it cannot be removed with water softeners. This may be better for your showers but it can lead to your water tasting salty and could be unhealthy to drink, there is also still a chance of stains being left behind! 


Removing Stains on your glass shower doors


When trying to remove hard or soft water stains, traditional soap and water could be more damaging than beneficial to the stained shower doors near me. Instead, try using things such as a commercial lime or calcium removing spray, these sprays are specifically designed to remove these types of stains! 


For fresh hard water spots, try rubbing the shower with a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets are able to remove the built-up calcium without scratching the surface of your glass door, helping it stay clean and clear of these pesky stains. 

For extra stubborn hard water stains, spray lemon juice on the door, after that rub a solution of vinegar and baking soda on the door with a soft cloth or sponge. Once this process is completed, immediately rinse and dry the doo, you should be able to peer right through the glass as if it was brand new! 


To prevent these stains, remember to wipe and dry the shower door after every use. Also, think about investing in clearchoice protective coating to reduce these stains! Water softener is also a good preventative method for areas with very hard water!


Making the switch to glass!


The people at Dixie Shower Doors are dedicated to giving you the glass shower doors of your dreams. And with these helpful tips hopefully you will be able to keep your brand new shower doors looking crystal clear for a very long time! Contact Dixie Shower doors of Volusia county to find out the options in shower doors near me, Call (407) 831-3383 or visit online at dixieshowerdoors.com today!

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