Renovation projects add excitement to any home. While the expense is the first thing in mind, you must make many decisions. If you wish to add a vibrant and modern touch to your bathroom, choosing shower doors near Orlando FL may leave you at a crossroads with numerous choices. Contemplating a sliding and a hinged shower door in Orlando FL? Both add similar value by keeping the water in a closed space, so what makes each stand out? This blog addresses the pros and cons of these shower doors to help you make an informed decision.

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Choosing Shower Doors Near Orlando FL? Find The Right One For You

Do You Need The Hinged Shower Door in Orlando FL?

These doors swing out to open, with framed and frameless options available. During installation, the two hinges on the side of the frameless hinged door are drilled directly into the wall.


Effortless to clean and maintain: A hinged shower door in Orlando FL has no tracks at the bottom like it’s sliding counterpart. This makes cleaning and maintenance efforts more straightforward.

Vast opening and better safety: Since you open them out to at least 90 degrees, they offer a larger space to get into the enclosure. Using additional slide panels can make the opening even larger, ideal for households with people with mobility difficulties.

Achieves a great aesthetic look: Frameless hinged doors make use of fewer brackets, tracks, and hinges since they blend into the wall.


No-go for small bathrooms: Since they open outward, they need more space forward, which can be problematic for smaller-sized bathrooms.

Possibility of water spilling out: Opening the door after a shower allows water to spill out into the space outside the enclosure, resulting in extra work to dry it up.


Is The Sliding Shower Door Compatible With Your Needs?

Moving from side to side, the sliding shower door in Orlando FL is also called the bypass shower door. Typically, it features tracks at the bottom and the two vertical sides. Exceptions include the trackless and frameless contemporary designs.


Ideal for smaller bathrooms: If space is not a luxury, this is an efficient space-saving solution since they don’t open out.

Its aesthetic look is a plus: Sliding glass doors don’t block light, transforming the bathroom area into a coherent part of the home. This is especially true for frameless designs.

Functional handles: The handles are a part of the offer and can come in handy as a towel rack.

Easy access to both sides of the tub and shower: Sliding doors incorporate two glass doors that slightly overlap, slide, or roll open, making the tub accessible.


Bottom tracks pose a challenge during cleaning: Framed sliding shower doors are challenging to clean because the bottom metal rack can garner soap water, grime, and rust. Taking long periods to clean the tracks can also cause the doors to stick.

Restricted access space: Since the doors are fixed and slide or roll into each other, the space for entering the shower enclosure becomes somehow limited.

Giving the bathroom a say during your renovation is great. Still, various factors come into play when choosing shower doors near Orlando FL. Most importantly, space should be the top consideration if going with a sliding or hinged shower door Orlando FL. The renovation cost depends on the glass type and thickness. Opt for a design that speaks to your style, preference, and needs.