How is your shower enclosure holding up? When was the last time you gave it a nice warm bath? Have you spotted any mildewed grout or soap scum lately? If you’ve been putting this exercise on hold, you probably wonder how to do it best. Many homeowners often ask whether to use a shower squeegee or not. While it looks like a waste of time, this inexpensive cleaning tool can keep the bathroom walls and shower doors free of soap scum and hard water stains.

Effortlessly cleaning glass shower enclosures in Orlando FL starts with your choice of shower doors. For instance, frameless glass shower doors in Orlando FL are easier to clean than their framed counterparts.

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Cleaning Glass Shower Enclosures Orlando FL Doesn’t Have To Be A Challenge

Steamy walls are easy to clean, so take a few minutes after showering to carry out the following procedure:

Remove The Moisture With A Squeegee

Everyone can use a squeegee in the most effective way. Are you new to squeegeeing? Horizontal or vertical strokes can work just fine. Squeegee the walls, floors, and doors after each shower to clear mildew-causing moisture. Finish by wiping the areas using a dry towel to remove any remaining bits of water.

Don’t Forget The Tiles

Professionals recommend cleaning your bathroom tiles at least weekly. You can use the magic eraser and wipe down the wet shower tiles and fixtures during shower time.

Clean The Grout

Yes, no one likes the thought of it. But fighting mildew when it shows up is more manageable than waiting for it to accumulate. The latter needs comprehensive cleaning procedures. Scrub grout every few weeks with a 1 to 5 ratio for the vinegar water solution. Don’t use bleaching agents on your grout as it eats away water repellency.


Why Choose A Shower Squeegee For Your Cleaning?

It’s Fast

There is a high probability that you currently use a microfiber cloth or towel to wipe off moisture from the walls and doors. What if you only had to utilize half the effort? A squeegee doesn’t get saturated with water, offering efficacy. Simply squeegee from top to bottom and left to right.


Fibers are efficient to some extent. Still, they can get quickly swamped, leaving residues of shampoo and body wash on your glass doors instead of cleaning them. A squeegee clears anything and everything, including water and other substances. Then, spray down the bathroom wall and door with diluted vinegar before leaving it to air dry. Never use vinegar on stone surfaces like marble, slate, and granite. Opt for an appropriate after-shower spray for these choices.


What To Do Before Showering As Part Of Cleaning Glass Shower Doors Orlando FL

Let The Humidity Escape

Just before your shower, open the bathroom window. If that’s not feasible, run the vent during the shower. The shower door and curtain should also remain open for a while afterward to give room for humidity to dissipate.

The Best Bath Products Leave Your Doors Scum-Free

End the reign of bar soap and switch to liquid bath products for scum-free doors, walls, and floors. Then use a shower caddy or open bottom shelf for storing your plastic bottles to avoid mildew and slime.

Cleaning glass shower enclosures in Orlando FL can be a challenge based on the door type and the frequency of your cleaning duties. Using a squeegee when cleaning glass shower doors in Orlando FL is fast and efficient and should be done with the proper techniques for optimum results. Dixie Shower Doors has a wide assortment of elegant and durable shower doors with the custom option available. Get in touch and have a door that meets your specific needs and budget.