Shower doors have been a popular addition to bathrooms in Florida for many years. The use of shower doors has become increasingly common due to their functionality and aesthetics. Shower doors offer several advantages over shower curtains, including improved privacy, reduced water leakage, and a more visually appealing look.

In Florida, due to the warm and humid climate, homeowners and builders often prioritize shower doors that are easy to clean and maintain. Frameless shower doors are a popular choice as they are sleek, modern, and easy to clean.

Moreover, the use of glass shower doors is also common in Florida as they allow natural light to enter the bathroom, creating a bright and open atmosphere. Many homeowners in Florida also prefer to install shower doors that have high energy efficiency ratings to reduce their energy bills.

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3 Florida Shower Door Trends In 2023

Following are some shower trends that we expect to see in 2023.

  1. Frameless shower doors

Frameless shower doors have been growing in popularity in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in 2023. Frameless doors offer a clean, minimalist look that can help to make a bathroom feel more spacious and open. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Frameless shower doors are a type of shower enclosure that does not require a metal frame around the edges of the glass. Instead, the glass is held in place by hinges, clips, or a U-channel attached to the wall. This creates a clean and modern look that can enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom.

One of the biggest advantages of frameless shower doors is that they provide a sleek and seamless look that can make the bathroom feel more spacious and open. They also allow more natural light to enter the shower, which can help to brighten up the space. Additionally, because there is no metal frame, frameless shower doors are easier to clean and maintain than traditional framed shower doors.

  • Textured glass 

Textured glass can add a unique touch to a shower enclosure, while also providing privacy and hiding water spots and soap scum. Some popular textures for shower glass include frosted, rain, and bubble glass.

Textured glass shower doors are a popular option for homeowners who want to add a touch of privacy and style to their bathroom. Textured glass can be used for both framed and frameless shower doors, and it comes in a variety of patterns and finishes.

One of the main benefits of textured glass shower doors is that they provide privacy without completely blocking the view. The texture of the glass can distort the image, making it difficult to see through, but still allowing light to pass through the glass. This makes textured glass a great option for bathrooms that face a busy street or neighbor’s house, where privacy is a concern.

Textured glass shower doors also offer a unique design element to the bathroom. Some popular textures for shower glass include frosted, rain, and bubble glass, which can add a subtle touch of texture and visual interest to the bathroom. Textured glass can also hide water spots and soap scum more easily than clear glass, making it easier to clean and maintain.

  • Barn door shower glass

Barn door shower glass is a type of shower enclosure that is designed to look like a barn door. The shower door is typically made of glass and slides open and closed on a track system, just like a traditional barn door. The glass panels used in a barn door shower can be clear or frosted, and may be etched or textured to provide privacy.

Barn door shower glass has become a popular design trend in recent years because it offers a unique and rustic look to the bathroom. It can be a great choice for homeowners who want to create a vintage or country-style bathroom, or for those who want to add a touch of rustic charm to a modern bathroom.

One of the benefits of a barn door shower glass enclosure is that it can be customized to fit the specific needs of the homeowner. The glass panels can be cut to fit the exact measurements of the shower space, and the track system can be installed to slide either left or right, depending on the layout of the bathroom.


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With the growing trend of smart home technology, we may see the emergence of smart shower doors in 2023. These doors may be equipped with features such as temperature control, lighting, and voice activation, making them more convenient and functional.

Customized shower doors that reflect the homeowner’s style and personality may become more popular in 2023. This could include custom etched glass designs or unique hardware finishes that make a statement.

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