Are you looking for custom shower doors near you? If yes, and you reside in Florida and its environs, Dixie Shower Doors brings frameless glass shower doors to her customers and potential clients in Florida. If you wish to remodel your bathrooms or are just starting a bathroom project, it might be confusing and challenging to pick the right choice of shower doors. We understand that you want your shower doors to be quality and modern in trend.

We know there may be other shower door vendors, but here are the top 6 reasons you should choose Dixie Shower Doors.

      We are Licensed and Insured.

When starting a business, getting a business license and being insured is crucial, especially in Florida. The business license and insurance protect our customers and our company in unfavorable circumstances, and with insurance, your deliveries are safe with us. Hence let us relieve you of your search for shower doors nearby.

      We Have Been In Business For Over 52 years!

Since 1972, Dixie Shower Doors have been operating, offering customers quality and competitive pricing. As a result, we have developed a good rapport with our customers, making them choose us repeatedly.

      We Offer Installation On Everything We Sell

You will get quality shower doors from us at a friendly and fair price. In addition, our products come with installation services if you require one. Hence, if you’ve been searching for “shower doors near me” on the internet, then it’s time you stopped.

      We Are Residential And Commercial Specialists

We specialize in works and products like glass shower doors in Orlando for residential and commercial buildings. So you can always trust us to do good jobs.

      We Always Offer Free In-Home Estimates

We offer an approximate calculation cost of the entire job to our prospective customers before the commencement of the project, free of charge and in the comfort of their homes. Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry about last-minute or surprise charges.

      We Have Outstanding Reviews 

We have many outstanding reviews from satisfied clients on Angie’s list. Our excellent performance speaks for us, and our customers love us. Hence, you can stop searching for “custom shower doors near me” on search engines such as Google. At Dixie shower doors, we are the perfect fit for the job.


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Dixie Shower Doors have been manufacturing shower doors for over 52 years; it’s time we manufacture one for you. We have various products with unique characteristics for our customers, with free estimates for every pending job. Contact us today for more information or to request free in-home estimates.