Did you know that getting a new shower enclosure for your bathroom can transform its look from dull to excitingly attractive? There are a lot of products to choose from for your shower glass door design, and it might not be easy to settle for one. Before finally deciding which shower design for your bathroom, you might be thinking of either getting a framed custom shower door in Orlando, Florida, or a frameless one.

Even though both shower designs are safe and all-around, there are still some disadvantages to consider. We are here to assist you in making the perfect decision for your shower doors, and we will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each shower design.


Framed Glass Shower Door

From the name, framed shower doors are built with heavy-duty aluminum frames around their inner edges. So if you’re considering switching from shower curtains to shower doors, the framed Glass shower door is a great option.



Provide Greater Firmness: One advantage of this glass shower door in Orlando, Florida, is its ability to provide stability.

This is a very important factor because the doors of showers are made from tempered glass, which, when it breaks, doesn’t break into pieces or fragments but into small circles to combat the risk of injuries.

However, a shower door with a frame made from aluminum gives room for more stability, lowering the risk of breaking into pieces.

Easier To Set Up: The framed glass shower door is quite easy to set up in that the frame only needs to be hung during installation. The framed glass door is suitable for any shower material.


Outward opening: One setback to the framed glass door is that it can only be opened outward, causing a limited range of motion. The risk of sustaining an injury is usually lower when your door can be pushed both inwards and outwards.

It Requires A Lot Of Maintenance: Framed shower doors usually come with metals that can get corroded over the long run due to constant exposure to moisture. Also, mildew can build up around the shower frame due to soap scum and moisture.


Frameless Shower Door

Frameless shower doors in Orlando, Florida, are stout, firm, and tempered glass panels. They do not require metal support before they can operate effectively. Many homeowners appreciate the frameless shower design due to its near and contemporary appearance.



There Are A Variety Of Design Options To Choose From: For the frameless shower door, you have the opportunity to select your design from plenty of options. There are many designs, styles, and patterns you can choose from. Frameless doors do not require metal frames; however, you could decide to add handles or metal hinges to your door.

There’s A Wider Range Of Motion: Another benefit of getting a frameless shower enclosure in Longwood, FL, is that the hinges that come with the door enable it to be swung both inwards and outwards.


It Is Expensive: The cost of purchasing and installing frameless shower doors is usually more expensive than a framed shower door.

They Are Unstable: They are not as firm as the framed shower glass door.


Get The Best Frameless Shower Enclosures In Orlando, Florida?

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