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How To Fix A Glass Shower Door That Is Not Sliding Smoothly

Oct 3, 2022

A glass shower door not sliding smoothly is a certainty for every home. Some issues are simple enough for a do-it-yourself approach, while others require the expertise of a professional glass shower door installer from Dixie Shower Doors. The following is a list of the solutions to frequent problems with sliding glass shower doors.


Keep The Door Tracks Clean

As with all sliding doors, dirt and dust accumulate on the tracks, preventing the door from opening and closing properly. To address this issue, only white vinegar is required. Pour the vinegar into the rails and allow it to sit for up to ten minutes. If the vinegar evaporates too quickly, it may be because water escapes via the weeping holes in the door’s tracks.

After the way has been thoroughly soaked with vinegar, you should swing the door back and forth a few times and then flush it with water. All the grime ought presumably to be washed away now.


Scrubbing the Door Tracks

If rinsing with white vinegar did not work, you need a backup option. You can use mineral-infused white vinegar or a similar lubricating solution. Spread the solution over the track and scrub it with a firm brush to eliminate the dirt.

If the dirt deposit is particularly tenacious, you may need to use something with a stiff edge to pry it loose since a brush may not be enough. A screwdriver or other sharp object might easily harm your shower door’s finish and ruin its appearance.


Investigate Door Rollers

You should first use tweezers or toothpicks to remove any obvious debris from the tracks. You can loosen the debris even if you cannot eliminate it. Use white vinegar and a scrub brush to get rid of it.


Roll the Door Back and Check the Rollers

The rollers or wheels on your shower door make it possible for you to open and close it quickly. You can look at how they are moving and see if they are sticking after a short distance of travel or if they are rolling smoothly.

If you find that you have to use a bit more muscle to bring the door to a close, it could be because the rollers are jammed. Shower door rollers can be cleaned with vinegar or the previously described solution by removing the door from its tracks.


Reorient The Door

If the door’s performance does not improve, you can take it off its tracks to check for obstructions. The shower door should normally close once you have slid it open, reinstalled it, and locked it.

Feeling chilly air on your body during a hot shower is never an enjoyable experience. Therefore, that is why the shower door needs to shut completely.  If you are experiencing a glass shower door off-track issue, call us for expert guidance and high-quality service.

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