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Dixie Shower Doors is Your Ultimate Shower Door Installer

Nov 4, 2022

When outfitting your bathroom with a new shower, you want to ensure you get a quality product that will last for years. There are plenty of different factors to consider when choosing a suitable shower enclosure for your home, but don’t worry—we’re here to help.

Dixie Shower Doors offers the best ‘shower door installation near me.’ We have been a trusted name in Central Florida since 1972. Our facility in Longwood has been the source for creating thousands of shower enclosures for general contractors, tile professionals, and direct homeowners.

Our professional and personal approach has earned us an outstanding reputation as your ultimate ‘shower glass replacement near me,’ and we are not about to stop. Additionally, we have an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

Please browse our site and view our limitless possibilities.

When you’re ready for a complimentary in-home estimate, please contact us by phone or on our contact page. Remember, “IF YOU CAN BUILD IT, WE CAN ENCLOSE IT!’


Benefits of Working with Dixie Shower Doors

Dixie Shower Doors is an established shower installation company that’s revered in the industry. There are many benefits to choosing us as your ‘shower glass replacement near me’ company. These include:


Impact-Resistant and Strong Doors

Accidents such as slipping and falling frequently happen in the bathroom due to how slippery and sleek it is. The cubicle you choose should be resilient enough to bear any impact without breaking or shattering.

In this regard, our glass cubicles are five times more durable than regular ones since they are made of toughened and heat-soaked glass. Reach out to us for ‘shower glass replacement near me.’



Moisture can accumulate quickly inside the bathroom. As a result, structures, such as cabinets and walls, may cause harm. Our shower doors are designed with a moisture-resistant coating that will increase the lifespan of the glass.


Aesthetically Pleasing 

Any shower enclosure system you choose to put in your bathroom must be aesthetically pleasing. In addition to allowing for better illumination, the usage of glass gives the bathroom a feeling of more significant space.

We are the ultimate ‘shower door replacement near me’ company that consistently delivers a job that will leave your bathroom with an elegant and contemporary feel.

Easy to Maintain

We have the best shower enclosures that are easy to maintain. Because a bathroom can get pretty grimy and filthy, it can impact every installation. Water, as well as other marks, will be relatively prevalent in a shower cubicle.

We use stain-resistant material for our shower doors that is simple to clean regardless of the amount of dirt on their exterior. Using the best materials makes us the best ‘shower door repair near me option.


Most people prefer private bathrooms, and frosted glass is the best option. It prevents vision from the outside, giving everyone within the enclosure an entirely personal experience.

We use excellent frosted glass for our ‘shower door installations near me.’ They are also highly durable and simple to keep clean.


Contact Us Today for All Your Shower Door Installations

Dixie Shower Doors has the best ‘shower door installation near me’. We are a household name that’s sought-after for all things shower enclosures. When you choose us, you get quality services and products. We have the following products available to our customers:

Please contact us today to arrange your next glass shower door. We would love to do your installation.

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