People always get bored with the style and decor of their home and keep on finding ways to make it more groomed. No matter whether you take inspiration from magazines or HGTV, people always find ways to update their bathroom. Nowadays, new trends are coming up on shower doors all the time. The most popular trend now is walk-in shower doors. These doors make your shower fully customizable because of the glass doors. If you are staying near Orlando, Dixie Shower Doors can assist you in making your bathroom enclosure remodel fast and wonderful.

Why frameless showers are increasing in popularity


  • Over the recent years, shower doors are quickly replacing the old style showers like corner units, sliding doors etc. The frameless shower doors possess a clean and sleek design and this is the main reason people who are building homes are opting for walk-in showers in their bathroom. They enhance the visual size of your bathroom and provide a very aesthetic appeal.
  • Less effort: Older shower doors require more effort for installation as it needs large aluminium frame, which means installation is more labor intensive. A frameless shower door makes your bathroom look larger and allows more light to pass through. When natural light enters your bathroom, it gets reflected off the surface thereby illuminating the whole bathroom. Moreover, it is so easy to install, if you have time you can install it all by yourself just by measuring the space and lining up glass door.
  • Glass shower doors have become an easy and reliable upgrade option for today’s bathrooms. The doors can swing both in and out easily, which is an upgrade from traditional shower doors. Glass shower doors are also sealed very well, which keeps water from leaking out of the shower. This style of shower door is highly resistant to impact and scratches.
  • The most important benefit is that frameless shower style will last longer and offer good sanitation advantages. With framed showers, it becomes very difficult to clean the bacteria and mold. But with frameless showers, you will no longer have to worry about those areas.

Get a modern feel by installing walk-in shower doors! 

The frameless doors undoubtedly offer you a modern look for your bathroom. It is the latest architectural design possible. Framed showers in one hand will create an obstruction in showcasing your tile designs and bold colours. If you wish to give your bathroom a constant theme and upgrade, frameless walk-in shower doors are for you!


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