There are many benefits to your installing glass shower doors in your bathroom. Dixie Shower Doors located in Altamonte Springs, FL has many types of glass doors including the frameless shower door that fits any decor. Glass doors are clear, and have many designs and patterns.

The benefits of glass doors are that they provide light in a dark crowded room. It creates an open space and allows light to come into the bathroom. Light in a bathroom brightens up the atmosphere, and promotes relaxation. Glass doors are easy to clean and maintain.

Glass doors will increase the value of your home. These doors often eliminate drafts and chills that come when using shower curtains. Glass doors make your bathroom look larger and roomier. It allows you to show off the tiles in the shower bathtub area. Contact us today for more information.


Types of Shower Doors

There are different types of doors to choose from. There are frameless doors, frameless shower enclosures, bi-fold doors, and curved glass doors. Curved glass doors have a frame at the top and bottom. They give your shower a look of being larger and roomier.

For smaller bathrooms, bi-fold shower doors are a good choice. These doors fold inside the shower when opening and closing, letting you utilize limited space easily. A frameless shower door is a single pane that moves, or pivots providing a modern look. It is strong and well made.



Looking For Frameless Shower Door Installation?

A frameless shower enclosure is often used in larger bathrooms. It comes in rectangular or hexagonal design depending on the design of your bathroom. Frameless doors are strong and made of glass. Because, they do have frames, they often swing open and closed using hinges. These doors give a bathroom a larger appearance.

With thicker glass, these doors are easier to clean. It keeps water from leaking onto the floor outside the shower area. Water often leads to leaks in the ceilings if your bathroom is on the second floor. This type of door often complements tile, marble, and granite used to construct showers.

A frameless shower door fits any size bathroom. Our frameless enclosures come with brushed nickel finishes, chrome finish, etched glass, and custom handles. There are many choices with a custom frameless shower door.

What to Think About Before Installing

The configuration is important because the size of the bathroom and walls will determine how much weight can be maintained and installed. Think about the type of shower head you want to be installed with the doors. Hiring a qualified contractor that takes accurate measurements, and helps you choose the best type of doors for your home keeps the installation trouble-free.

We will evaluate your ventilation process so that mold, mildew, and moisture does not build up. We provide you with an estimate before any work is done. Our products come with a 15-year warranty for installation. This does not cover glass breakage, but we do repair doors quickly for a reasonable price.


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Contact us to make an appointment for an estimate for glass doors for the bathroom that is well made in a variety of styles for your bathing area. Glass doors lighten up those dark places. Call us today for an appointment.