Your bathroom is an important part of your house, and it is important to create a bathroom that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. After all, you want a place where you spend so much time to be both comfortable and usable! A major component of your bathroom is your shower. Purchasing and installing a bathroom glass door or shower enclosure can be daunting and feel like a major decision. In order to help make your life easier, and to give you some ideas when you are picking out items for your bathroom, we at Dixie Shower Doors have come up with some popular combinations of shower enclosures to suit the average bathroom or ensuite. Read on to see some ideas for shower enclosures. Call Dixie Shower Doors near Orlando today for your glass shower enclosures!


Popular Combinations of Shower Enclosures


There are many combinations of shower enclosures that we at Dixie Shower Doors see. Here are some suggestions for ways that you can install your glass shower enclosures.


  • Designer style, for the corner of your master bathroom- Using a frameless design and high quality glass will make for generous adjustments for easy installation and a sturdy wall support. Using a tetra square head shower riser system will come with a sleek shower rail, overhead shower system, and an exposed thermostatic valve. The square shape of this shower riser system will go along great with the rectangular enclosure.
  • Contemporary Style for a Recess in Your Ensuite Or Small Bathroom- With certain bathrooms, and especially for ensuites, there will be a recess which is either used as a shower area or can easily be transformed into one. For such a layout, it is recommended to use an easy clean sliding shower door, as a sliding door is the ideal shower door for small spaces, as opposed to doors that open outwards. We provide glass enclosures which are coated with an easy clean surface, which helps to repel soap and grime, and generous adjustments make for easy installation. You can put this together with a triple shower valve complete set, making sure to have a concealed triple thermostatic shower valve so that you are able to utilize both outlets simultaneously. Since this valve can sit inside of your wall cavity, it is neat and unobtrusive.


The Right Bathroom Glass Door For You


  • Easy Access For The Corner of Your Master Bathroom- If climbing in and out of a bath is a bit difficult in a small space, then why not replace your bath with an easy access walk-in shower enclosure? Many people these days are turning to the shower as a replacement for their baths. In such a case, you will typically find that all the plumbing is tucked away on one end of the room, near a corner. Since most older people don’t want to be climbing in and out of things, easy access can be essential. This is why we recommend a walk in shower enclosure. A curved screen will give you plenty of room to maneuver, while a frameless style can allow light to penetrate.


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There are many combinations of glass shower enclosures to choose from here at Dixie Shower Doors. Call Dixie Shower Doors near Orlando today for your bathroom glass door needs!