When was the last time you took a good look at your glass shower door? Is there some slight wear and tear? Maybe it is slightly damaged. If this is the case, it is probably time to look into a glass shower door replacement. At Dixie Shower Doors, we are here to make sure that your shower is pristine. We are the best professionals near Orlando.


It Is Time To Replace It

What purpose does your bathroom serve? Is it just a room you use to get ready for each day? Do you use it as a private space to unwind after work? However you use this space, the shower inside it is probably one of the most essential features you take advantage of. Unlike most showers, however, yours sports a glass shower door. You love this feature because it opens up space and reflects light throughout the room.

When the shower door becomes dirty, you clean it. But what if those stains do not go away? And what if the glass becomes damaged? Can you just keep scrubbing at those stains or fill the cracks? Or do you have to get a brand new door instead?


Signs You Need A Glass Shower Door Replacement

Here are some signs that indicate you need to replace your shower door:

  • Cracks or Chips in the Door
    • Like all glass, the glass that comprises your shower door is susceptible to cracking and chipping. If the damage spreads or becomes too severe, the entire door could shatter. Sometimes, glass technicians can fill the small cracks and chips. More often than not, though, the shower door needs to be replaced to avoid unnecessary damage and risk for injury.
    • If you notice cracks and chips in your glass shower door, especially long cracks and large chips, you need expert advice. Contact your glass technician as quickly as possible. He or she might recommend a small repair or a total replacement depending on the damage.


  • Discolored Glass
    • When you first had your glass shower door installed, it likely looked clear. It may have even shone and sparkled in the light. Or perhaps you chose a slightly tinted glass that still looked crisp. But how does your shower door look now? Is the glass discolored? Does it look cloudy and grungy?
    • Over time, glass can become discolored. Usually, moisture from the bathroom allows mildew and mold to grow throughout your shower. These spores may combine with soap scum and mineral deposits, and they can discolor the glass. Likewise, hard water stains and film buildup can negatively affect the appearance of the glass.
    • You could use some cleaners to remove the buildup, but if the buildup is too thick or hard, even the toughest cleaners won’t work. Even if you do remove the buildup, the discoloration may still remain on the glass. In these cases, you should just install a new glass shower door.


  • Rust or Corrosion on the Framing
    • The glass isn’t the only component of your shower door that you need to worry about. You should also pay attention to the framing, including the door frame, hinges, and track. These components are often made of metal and can rust since they are regularly exposed to water.
    • If rust builds up on the metal and continues to expand, the metal could corrode and weaken. If the framing becomes too rusty, corroded, and weak, it can’t support the weight of the glass door. The glass door could break from the supports, fall, and shatter.
    • To prevent this, look for patches or streaks of red and brown along the door’s track, hinges, and framework. Also take note of any flaking or missing pieces of the frame. If you notice these issues, talk to your glass professional immediately and schedule a door and framework replacement.


  • Excess Water on the Floor
    • The entire purpose of a shower door is to keep water inside the shower. If you noticed excess water on your bathroom floors, however, you could face serious issues like flooding or damaged floors.
    • You may find excess water on the floor for a couple of reasons. First, the shower door might be too big or too small for the enclosure, which will mean that the door can’t close properly. As a result, more water will flow from the shower and onto your floor. Second, the shower door might have other damage, like a crack, that causes water to leak out.
    • To avoid excess water on your floors and unnecessary bathroom repairs, ask your glass technician to inspect the shower door. He or she will likely recommend a door replacement to prevent this issue from recurring.


Why Wait to Replace Your Shower Doors?

If you need a glass shower door replacement, contact us today. We can assess the damage to your current door and recommend the best solution. You can also talk to us and discover additional tips that will extend the life of your glass shower door. Not sure which kind of glass you would like to use on your door? Call or visit Dixie Shower Doors today. We are located near Orlando.