Do you need help with custom shower doors? Dixie Shower Doors in Orlando, FL can help you come up with a design that fits the style of your home. Check out our Holiday Specials because now is the best time to find the perfect shower doors design. Let us help you build the shower doors you have always wanted! Your shower is an important part of your bathroom, make the right decision on doors with help from Dixie Shower Doors.


Shower door specials this holiday season


Something not all customers know about Dixie Shower Doors is that we offer frameless sliding doors that you can pick up and install yourself. These doors range in size from 44-70 inches in width and we have the most common sizes in stock everyday. From now until the end of January, we are offering 20% off if you order now! And also 10% off our in home install on the frameless bypass enclosures.


Dixie Shower Doors also wants to offer you and your glass treatments a sparkling new year with 25% off all glass treatments for the month of December! Let your glass shine, get your treatments now with a discounted price.


Custom shower doors for your home


A shower door is the first thing people notice when they walk into the bathroom. Make sure you have the right enclosure for the style of your bathroom and your custom shower doors is everything you wanted and more.


Frameless shower doors have flexibly and lend style to a clean, sleek design for a modern and simple look. The glass is fairly easy to maintain and you can always count on frameless showers to hold up nicely over time.


A Sliding enclosure has the beauty of glass doors and is very practical for space saving with the styling look as well. It can be made into custom shower doors for any home and is a great way to show off the size of a bathroom, weather it be a big or a smaller space.


Framed enclosures are a popular option when cost is a factor. It also is a more tradition look for someone who wants their home to look the same as it always has. Framed enclosures have been a go to for shower doors for quite sometime now and it is a preferred look for some homes.


The whole idea of custom shower doors is making them your own design. This is where Dixie Shower Doors steps in and helps you find the right design for your home and the space you are provided with. There is no right or wrong answer. Just what type of style you are looking for and the type of budget you are working with as well. We are here to help you find the perfect custom shower doors for you home.


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If you are searching for custom shower doors and not quite sure what you want, Dixie Shower Doors in Orlando, FL can help you decide. Finding the right shower doors is easy when you ask for help! Check out our holiday deals and ask about a free in home estimate today!