When installing a new shower enclosure for your bathroom, there are numerous choices of glass, type of enclosure, and design. There are many things that you need to keep in mind regarding the type of shower that you want installed in your bathroom, in order to optimize your bathroom remodel and pick the right type of shower for your specific bathroom needs. If you’re in the middle of a total bathroom remodel, there are so many decisions to be made regarding factors such as the tile, sinks, faucets, and cabinets etc. One of the key components to your bathroom that may take a bit of time and research is the type of shower enclosure that is optimal for your bathroom design. There are three main types of shower glass enclosures that we at Dixie Shower Doors commonly install, which are the Framed, Semi-Framed, and Frameless glass shower enclosures. Call Dixie Shower Doors near Volusia County to order and install premium glass shower doors for your dream bathroom today!


Know The Type of Shower You Need


There are many types of glass shower enclosures that you can put into your bathroom. One type are framed showers, which are fairly self-explanatory. Framed showers consist of a metal frame that surrounds each piece of glass, including the shower door. Framed showers feature metal supports all around, making them highly versatile as they can fit into any area. You can also select a metal finish with Dixie Shower Doors to either highlight as a feature of your bathroom, or to blend into your existing theme. Framed showers are the most affordable, and we at Dixie Shower Doors offers an array of framed shower doors at affordable prices. These shower doors are highly durable and are highly effective in keeping water from collecting on your floor. However, these enclosures tend to be a bit bulky due to the metal and rubber seal, and can only open outwards. Semi-framed showers hold the best of both worlds with a metal frame enclosing the structure but not around the entire door. These are slightly sleeker than full frames, but maintain its water-tightness. When it comes to pricing, semi-framed showers, as you may expect, fall in between fully framed and frameless shower doors.


The Right Shower Glass For You


Frameless showers in recent years have become one of the most popular options for decorators looking for a more modern, minimalist feel. Frameless glass shower doors provide sleek, clean lines that look extremely modern and go with practically any type of bathroom decor. Frameless showers are great at emphasizing any standout tile work you have in the room, and can help make a smaller space appear larger, as the visual space is not obstructed by the back of the shower wall or with metal enclosures. We install this type of shower enclosure with special purpose hardware clamps, and they have a versatile bypass or pivot style door. Frameless showers are very customizable and are much easier to keep clean than the other glasses.


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When choosing a shower glass for your bathroom, there are many styles and choices. Dixie Shower Doors near Volusia County can order, customize, and install glass shower doors of all styles for you at affordable prices. Call us for your next bathroom remodel!