If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom then you have to take some time and consult an expert to alter your shower area. Dixie Shower Doors is an expert in installing a shower door in the Altamonte Springs Florida. Whenever you take a shower, there are tiny dangerous microbes that might be transferring from your shower curtain to your body! If you happen to touch your eyes, nose or mouth then you increase the chance of ingesting harmful disease-causing bacteria. Contact us today!

Benefits of Installing a Shower Door

Make your bathroom look elegant and classy by removing the old shower curtain that has some serious health concerns. Over time dangerous bacteria accumulates over the shower curtains that are hard to clean up. Shower curtains can get a significant amount of bacteria despite cleaning it up. The bacteria can infect open wounds and cause harm to anyone with a lower immunity. Shower door is a better alternative to shower curtains as they offer better protection from harmful bacteria.

Better Safety And Protection

A shower glass offers better safety for the entire family. Accidents are bound to happen at home and some accidents are caused in the bathroom especially if the shower section is left sloppy. Shower curtains are not a good option for your bathroom because it does not cover the tub or the shower. Water can still flow out onto the floor leading to a slip and fall accident. Choose a glass door for your shower to keep your family safe.
Free From Dangerous Chemicals and Plastic
One of the most prominent features of shower doors is that they do not contain dangerous chemicals and plastic like shower curtains. Cheap and low-quality shower curtains contain harmful chemicals that are not safe for children. If shower curtains are not changed frequently they might contain microbes that cause illnesses.


Constantly maintaining your bathroom is not easy, as it could become cumbersome when you need to change the shower curtains every few months. The cost of the curtains can be hefty on your pocket in the long term, as they need to be replaced frequently. Hence, the better option is to choose a door for your shower because it offers better longevity than curtains. Shower doors require less maintenance and all you need to do is clean up the door with an anti-bacterial cleaner to keep it germ-free.

Easier to Clean

It is easier to clean every inch of the shower door as compared to cleaning a curtain. The curtain has to be taken out, then it has to be spread out or washed separately in the washing machine, both tasks are arduous and hectic. To clean a shower door all you need is a sponge and an anti-bacterial liquid cleaner. You can wash the door with a sponge with a few drops of anti-bacterial cleaning agent and your shower door will be sparkly clean within minutes.

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